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Channel 4 will go in search of alien monsters

Image Channel 4 invites viewers to stroll through the deadly quarantine zone and see the aftermath of an alien invasion of our planet. According to Deadline, the British channel has decided to join forces with Vertigo Films on a series based on the low-budget sci-fi movie Monsters.

In 2010, "Monsters" became the debut feature film directed by the blockbusters "Godzilla" and "Rogue One." Star Wars Tales by Gareth Edwards. According to the plot of the film, a NASA probe fell on the territory of Mexico, which brought a deadly virus and alien parasites to Earth. The main character of the story was American journalist Andrew Calder, who was tasked with taking the daughter of his boss out of the contamination zone.

The film by Gareth Edwards is rightfully considered one of the most successful film projects in the history of Vertigo Films. The production budget of the horror is estimated at $ 500,000, and its worldwide box office exceeded $ 4.2 million.


In 2013, Vertigo Films decided to film a sequel to Monsters. At the time, Edwards was busy working on Godzilla and limited himself to producing only. The film "Monsters 2: The Dark Continent" was crushed by critics and failed to meet the studio's financial expectations.

Now the creators of the franchise have decided to try their luck on television. The plot of the series based on the 2010 film will be composed by young authors Daniel Fazhemisin-Duncan and Marlon Smith, who have already sold a couple of their scripts to Hollywood studios. Ronan Bennett ("Johnny D.") is planning to entrust the showrunner of the serial drama.


Vertigo Films and Channel 4 management hopes to find a partner among North American TV channels and online services in the very near future. It is possible that the project will be supported by the streaming giant Amazon, which has already collaborated with Channel 4 on the anthology "Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams."

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Author: Jake Pinkman