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Amazon will feel the earthquake

Image The streaming service Amazon continues to emerge as a leader in TV series production. In the middle of last month, his management launched a serial thriller about Jack Ryan , and now the turn has come to a television adaptation of yet another famous franchise. According to Collider , the bosses of the online service decided to take part in the creation of a TV series based on the movie series " Tremors ".

Kevin Bacon , who played one of the main roles in the first part of the horror serial, shared information with the journalists. “The project has found shelter on Amazon , - said the actor. -We are still waiting for the final script, but I am determined to take part in the filming of the series. The plot is being worked on by Andrew Miller, who has some absolutely amazing ideas for the concept of the TV version of “ Tremors ”. It will be interesting for me to return to the image of Valentine McKee after a quarter of a century to see what happened to this guy's life and dreams. "

Bacon also hinted that the series will not take into account the events of the unsuccessful sequels of the original film, but will be its direct sequel.


Development of the television version of " Tremors " started in November last year. At the same time it became known that Bacon intends not only to play McKee again, but also to act as a producer. Amazon will be supported by Universal Cable Productions and Blumhouse Productions .

Kevin has yet to clarify if Amazon executives are ready to order the full first season. It is possible that the streaming service will resort to an already proven scheme, in which it first produces a pilot episode and then makes it available for free viewing. In this case, the final decision to continue working on the series will be made based on viewership ratings.


In just a couple of years, Amazon has been able to significantly increase its own content production. He won his first Emmy last year, and this month he will be competing for 16 statuettes. Online service hit "The Man in the High Castle" ( The Man in the High Castle ) has a good chance of receiving the main television award in the world.

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