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Dragon, Cranston & Mortensen: Watch This Week

Image As we remember, last Thursday, Asian filmmakers in our box office persistently asked the question, where is the dragon? On the next Thursday, that is, August 11 , distributors in USA will be able to confidently answer them:"So here he is!". Judging by the list of releases for the coming week, distributors pin their most hopes on the new creation of the studio Disney - the family adventure film Pete and His Dragon , lavishly decorated with special effects remake of the fantasy musical 1977 , which modern children have never heard of, and the children of that era have long forgotten.

A fictional picture with the use of animation and the participation of live actors (Bryce Dallas Howard, Una Lawrence, Wes Bentley and others) will tell the story of an orphan who lost both parents in a car accident and was left to live in the forest, where he made friends with a real dragon. Thanks to the support of the green giant, the boy not only managed to save his life, but also stopped suffering from loneliness. Meanwhile, the right adults, who found such a strange pair in an inappropriate place, decided to return the little man to civilization. But what if the dragon doesn't want to let his two-legged friend go home? ..

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Foreign critics have already filled up the picture with positive reviews. In their opinion, the remake turned out to be very soulful, thoughtful, touching and truly family-like, and the dragon Pete is so charming that every viewer who has attended the premiere will want to make friends with him. But, perhaps, the most valuable compliment to David Lowry's painting was the recognition that she managed to convey the very classic Disney magic that cheers up both children and adults.

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Another interesting novelty of the week will be a film under the unremarkable title Undercover Scam . However, viewers who follow the cinema news already know that the main role in this British crime drama was played by Brian Cranston, who successfully migrated from small to large screens: for one of his recent works in the biopic genre, he was nominated for Oscar . "Scam" from director Brad Furman is also a biographical project: according to the plot, agent Robert Mazur in 1986, having got used to the image of an extravagant businessman Beans of Muzella , infiltrated Pablo Escobar's drug cartel. Judging by the trailer, where the action is giving way to pure human emotion, we are in for a tightly knocked-down drama set in eye-catching 80s scenery.

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Another pleasant surprise for the coming weekend promises to be the dramedy Captain Fantastic , critically acclaimedan incredibly funny movie that makes you want to cry. Matt Ross's project is dedicated to a family who grew up in a forest in complete harmony with nature, but forced to leave their personal paradise and go to conquer the civilized world. A stunning benefit performance by Viggo Mortensen, subtle harmonious direction, an original vision of the problem of fathers and children and, in the end, a big fig of traditional morality - this is what the festival goers praised this wonderful example of American independent cinema for. Also note that Matt Ross was named the best director in Cannes (in the program "Unassigned Regard"), and the film itself was awarded the Audience Award

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On August 11, our box office will start showing another participant of the Cannes Film Festival. The crime drama by David McKenzie At Any Cost was also featured on the Uncommon Look program and made a big impression on early audiences. A gripping neo-western starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster, tells a story of brotherly love, for the sake of which you can go on robbery time after time, even if you have already been attacked by the most experienced lawyer in the area. The film did without a loud advertising campaign, but turned out to be so good in terms of directing, cinematography and screenwriting that, most likely, after its release and counting box office receipts, David McKenzie will pay attention to big Hollywood studios .

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For comedy lovers, our distributors offer to go to hell with the hero of the Italian film of the same name. Kekko is a civil servant who gave up his right to take severance pay and resign due to reduction, and therefore was transferred by his superiors to one of the most unclaimed positions. Thus began his fascinating journey through the most remote corners of the bureaucratic system in Italy, which ended in a real triumph at home. Let's see if director Gennaro Nunziante can make USAs laugh.


And in the next room, Tikhon Kornev will try to scare his compatriots. His horror movie Diggers tells how the subway train passed the final station and took its passengers to an extremely gloomy place, where you can die not only from the hand (or other limb) of a werewolf, but also receiving a fatal blow a selfie stick on the head.

And finally, Bruce Willis will shake up the old days, appearing on the big screens of our country in the next action movie. If you're interested in watching the action star portray the imposing owner of a robbed bank, welcome to the Raiders . But keep in mind that the cat cried a lot of positive reviews for this project.

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