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Martin's Ice Dragon will break free

Image At the dawn of his distinguished career, George R.R. Martin wrote the fairy tale Ice Dragon. After the film adaptation of the book cycle "A Song of Ice and Fire" became a hit on television, the early works of the recognized master of fantasy became interested in Hollywood. As it became known to the publication Deadline, the rights to the film adaptation of "Ice Dragon" were acquired by the animation studio Warner Animation Group.

A cartoon based on the 1980 story tells about the adventures of a girl named Adara, who managed to tame a huge ice dragon. One day, the main character of the story will have to call a scaly friend for help in order to save her hometown from mortal danger ...

George R.R. Martin will share production with his manager Vince Gerardis. The author of "Ice Dragon" is also considering writing a cartoon script with his own hand.


The project will be curated by Christopher Leahy (Penguins of Madagascar) and Allison Abbeyt (The Steel Giant).

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