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The Queen of the Jungle will return to screens

Image The success of individual films often leads to the emergence of new trends in Hollywood. After the audience welcomed Deadpool with open arms, and Logan only confirmed the audience's desire to watch an adult superhero movie, the producers seriously thought that some characters deserve R-rated solo films. The film Beauty and the Beast approved Disney 's leadership wants to shoot game versions of famous fairy tales, and Wonder Woman, ranked in the top five most profitable film comics, will more than once encourage filmmakers to create similar projects.

Over the past few decades, moviegoers have seen many films with women as their central characters, but Patty Jenkins' blockbuster opens up new opportunities for projects of similar themes. The information portal Deadline reports that the company Millennium Films will try to repeat the success of "Wonder Woman" , having decided to revive Tire on large screens b>queen of the jungle.

Curiously, Sheena became the first female character to receive a solo comic. This happened in 1937. Like Tarzan , Sheena was an orphan raised in the jungle. Here she learned how to fight, survive, communicate with animals, and handle knives, spears, bows and homemade weapons.


Other details of the project have not yet been disclosed, but Sheena is a recognizable heroine, and all thanks to comics, several television series, as well as the 1984 feature film. If the bosses of Millennium Films manage to assemble a talented team for a future film, they may have another box office hit.

The new project is being produced by Avi Lerner (The Expendables), Trevor Short (The Fall of Olympus), Joe Gatta (Conan the Barbarian), Boaz Davidson (The Hitman's Bodyguard) and John Thompson (Hercules: The Beginning of the Legend) ...

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