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Unite Disney Villains!

Image Disney has spared no effort, money or time to ensure that their online platform immediately competes with streaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon. Individual characters from the Star Wars universe and Marvel comics will move to Disney +, but the matter is not limited to them: the House of Mouse will not leave those who prefer magic wands to lightsabers and superpowers.

For six months, Disney has been working on a series based on the books by Serena Valentino about the most famous antagonists from the studio's cartoons. And villains, as you know, sometimes turn out to be even more memorable characters than goodies. In her works, Valentino has already told about the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, the sea witch Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Maleficent from The Sleeping Beauty and Mother Gothel from Rapunzel. It is not yet clear how Disney wants to unite all the characters in one project, but insiders report that Book of Enchantment (this is the name of the new show) is positioned as an epic universe in which classic fairy tales are served under a new sauce.

Michael Sitzman is responsible for the creation of the project. His track record, which includes the fantastic action game "Artificial Intelligence" and the drama "North Country", has nothing to do with the world of fairy tales, but, perhaps, will be able to surprise the audience. Sitzman has already written a pilot episode script and a desktop guide to the show's universe. Now there is a search for people for the author's group, which will begin work in April, and if the situation is positive, the shooting of the show will start next year.


Disney has more than once exploited fabulous villains in separate projects: Maleficent enjoyed tremendous success on the big screens and got a sequel, and the popular TV franchise "Heirs" lives on small screens.

Source: Deadline

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