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How Gaston and Lefou Sang

Image The new version of "Beauty and the Beast" is rightfully considered one of the most successful game remakes from the Disney studio. The tape became a box office billionaire, and therefore the major's desire to stay in the universe of Belle and her lover is understandable. There is no talk of a continuation of the 2017 film, but the House of Mouse is preparing a prequel to "Beauty and the Beasts" in the format of the series, which will be released on the Disney + platform.

The television project will be dedicated to the villain Gaston and his henchman Lef. Other details of the series are kept secret, but it is known that its action will unfold long before the events of "Beauty and the Beast". It is reported that Luke Evans and Josh Gad have already agreed to return to the roles of Gaston and Lefu, respectively. It is not known whether Emma Watson and Dan Stevens will appear in the series at least in a cameo, although insiders do not exclude this possibility.

It was Josh Gad who got the idea for the show. Initially, he was preparing a project for Disney + about the muppets, but he went into oblivion, and Gad, along with Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis ("Once Upon a Time") switched to the prequel "Beauty and the Beast". All three will act as scriptwriters and showrunners for the project, and Evans is one of the executive producers.


Disney intends to shoot six episodes of the series, which will also be a musical. The prequel composer will be Alan Mencken, the author of the music for the animated film Beauty and the Beast, as well as its remake.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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