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WB believes in Wonder Woman's success

Image It seems that the leadership of the film company Warner Bros. has no doubt that the superhero blockbuster " Wonder Woman " is destined to become one of the main hits of the summer box office. The film will be released for wide distribution only in two weeks, and the studio has already decided to launch a sequel into development.

Pleasant news for fans of the DC cinematic universe came from Shanghai, where a special preview of " Wonder Woman " took place yesterday. According to Movieweb , during a conversation with Chinese journalists, Deborah and Zach Snyder announced that the studio had already given the green light to create a second film about the adventures of the Amazon princess. At the same time, the producers of the franchise noted that the next MCU film about a woman superhero will be the solo album Batgirl .

At the end of March, we announced that Joss Whedon had started creating a film about Batgirl . WB currently has over a dozen superhero blockbusters in development, but only a few are included in the studio's official release schedule. The producers' words indicate that the film about the protector of Gotham will be released before the second film about Wonder Woman . It is possible that " Batgirl " may appear on the screens even before the film "Sirens of Gotham City", which tells about the famous rivals of the Dark Knight .


The senior management of the studio WB has not yet confirmed information about the start of work on the second part of " Wonder Woman ". It is possible that the fate of the sequel will be finally decided in early June, when the bosses of the film company receive data on the collection of Patty Jenkins' film for the first weekend. Analysts of the edition Deadline predict the soloist Wonder Woman start at the box office from the mark of $ 65 million , and the portal Screenrant believes that the movie comic strip can immediately swing at $ 115 million . Since the film's production budget is estimated at $ 120 million , to reach the level of formal self-sufficiency, its final box office receipts in the world must be at least $ 240 million .


The USA premiere of " Wonder Woman " will take place on June 1 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman