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Emily Blunt to take a jungle cruise

Image For years, Disney Studios has been trying to film Jungle Cruise, based on the idea of a popular attraction at Disneyland. Once Tom Hanks was going to play in this tape, but now Dwayne Johnson will become a guide for spectators through the jungle, and a new passenger has appeared in his boat. Emily Blunt has signed up to take part in the filming of the film, but the details of her role have not yet been disclosed, Variety reports.

It is difficult to imagine what the plot of the upcoming film will be. The studio has experience of working with similar projects - both successful and not so. The same "Pirates of the Caribbean" became a multi-billion dollar franchise, but "Future Land" frankly failed at the box office. Jungle Cruise is an attraction during which visitors to the amusement park have time to swim past the banks of the Nile, Congo and Amazon. This opens up a wide range of opportunities for producers, especially since Dwayne Johnson in the jungle is an attractive picture for moviegoers, judging by the financial results of the recent Jumanji.

Earlier it was reported that the new project will be an adventure in the spirit of Indiana Jones, and its action is likely to unfold in the 50s of the XX century. The drama "The African Queen" with Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn was considered as one of the sources of inspiration. Jungle Cruise is written by Oscar-nominated Michael Green for the blockbuster Logan and directed by Jauma Collet-Serra (The Shoal).


For Emily Blunt, Jungle Cruise will be the third collaboration with the House of Mouse. Previously, the actress starred in the musical "Into the Woods ...", and this year the tape "Mary Poppins Returns" with her participation will be released. Emily can also be seen in the thriller A Quiet Place.

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