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The day before the night of the living dead

Image In July this year, the film world was shocked by the news of the death of director and screenwriter George A. Romero. As it became known to MovieWeb, his son George Cameron Romero intends to preserve and enhance the legacy of the founder of the zombie horror genre.

Romero Jr. announced to his subscribers on social networks that he was ready to begin work on the prequel to the classic horror film "Night of the Living Dead", which at one time brought worldwide fame to his father. The first film of the popular film series was shot in 1968 for only $ 114 thousand. To the surprise of many film critics, the modest independent horror first earned about $ 12 million in the United States, and then became the highest grossing American film in the European box office in 1969.

According to George Cameron, he managed to get a blessing for the creation of a prequel from his father, who considered the script for the film Rise of the Living Dead ("Rise of the Living Dead" *) truly genius. It is expected that the main character of Romero Jr.'s film will be Dr. Ryan Cartwright, who is trying to find a way to save the lives of victims of radiation disasters and nuclear tests. The scientist does not even suspect that the government plans to use his developments to create the perfect weapon that will condemn humanity to certain death ...


The idea for the prequel Night of the Living Dead came to George Cameron Romero a few years ago. In 2014, he tried to raise funds for filming a horror using the Indiegogo crowdfunding service, but since then an information vacuum has formed around the project. It seems that now the heir to the famous family has finally managed to secure funding for the film. Reportedly, cameraman Shane Hurlbut (Terminator: May the Savior Come, In the Desert of Death) and master of make-up and special effects Robert Kurtzman (From Dusk Till Dawn) have already joined the work on the horror film.

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