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Zombie Romero will light up in the nightclub

Image Last summer, the world lost legendary horror master George A. Romero. It seems that his children are ready to take on the task of preserving the director's legacy. In November, it became known that George Cameron Romero was going to follow in his father's footsteps, and now the daughter of the creator of "Night of the Living Dead" announced plans to plunge into the world of zombies.

The directorial debut of dancer and DJ Tina Romero will be a tape tentatively titled "Queen of the Dead", which will allow you to look at the zombie apocalypse through the eyes of the owners of a nightclub specializing in shows featuring men in women's clothes.

In this film, I want to combine my main passions - the living dead, travesty, choreography and glamor, - said Tina in an interview with The Saunder Blog. -" Queen of the Dead " pay homage to my father's work. I cannot reveal the details of the plot yet, but my film will contain all the key elements of the classic horror films of George A. Romero - farce, heroes, villains and, of course, the crowd of slow and stupid zombies that everyone loves. " br />

The start date of work on "Queen of the Dead" has not yet been announced.

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Author: Jake Pinkman