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George Romero is ready to return to the zombie world

Image Last November, director George A. Romero gave an extensive interview to Indiwire , in which he complained that the success of the blockbuster War of the Worlds Z and the TV series The Walking Dead closed the road to screens for modest low-budget projects about zombies.

The godfather of the zombie horror genre has already had to make sure that in modern Hollywood, almost no one is ready to give money for tapes with dubious financial prospects. Romero gave the world such iconic films as "Night of the Living Dead", "Dawn of the Dead" and "Day of the Dead", but in the new millennium his career began to decline. He last served as a director in 2009 while working on the horror film Survival of the Dead. The film was able to earn at the box office only $ 143 thousand with a budget of $ 4 million . Romero had plans to create two sequels, but no Hollywood studio dared to fund them.

Indiwire journalists managed to find out that the famous filmmaker is ready to make another attempt to return to the world of big cinema. George has a script for the tape tentatively titled " Dead Man's Road ", which he wrote with Matt Bierman . The latter has collaborated with Romero on more than one occasion as a stunt director and co-director.


The creators of " Roads of the Dead " plans to take the audience to the modern Colosseum, in the arena of which are held insane car races with the participation of zombies. According to Romero and Birman , their horror storyline was inspired by films such as Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, Rollerball and Ben Hur.

The scriptwriters will present their project in July at the Fantasy International Fantastic and Horror Film Festival. Fans of the horror genre can only hope that the creators of " Death Road " will be able to find large investors who are interested in the prospect of seeing zombies behind the wheel of racing cars.


If the film manages to secure funding, Bierman will take over as director and Romero will take over as producer.

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Author: Jake Pinkman