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George A. Romero passed away

Image At the age of 78, George A. Romero , the legendary filmmaker, has passed away, thanks to which zombies have firmly entrenched themselves on large and small screens. The director died in his sleep, the cause of death was lung cancer.

Romero was born in New York and studied in Pittsburgh. Most of the director's early works were filmed here, which is why the city was even dubbed the zombie capital of the world. Even as a child, Romero was seriously fond of cinematography - his favorite film was the fantasy musical “Hoffmann's Tales”. For his sake, young George had to rent a projector and film from a store in Manhattan."They only had one copy," recalled Romero . -If she wasn't there, I knew exactly who had it. Only two people were interested in this film - me and Marty Scorsese. ”.

After graduation, Romero created his own company, which produced commercials. The work helped him accumulate his first capital, and in 1968 the turning point came. Romero was heading to New York from Pittsburgh with the sole purpose of offering his horror film to the studios. None of them were interested in the project, but the novice director still managed to send his brainchild to hire. Critics smashed the picture to smithereens, calling it too cruel, but the audience was amazed - they bought tickets, flooded parking lots of open cinemas and, in the end, made Romero the godfather of the zombies. "Night of the Living Dead" with a modest budget of $ 114 thousand earned $ 30 million

Subsequent films Romero - Like Flies on Honey, Time for Witches, and Mad Men - did not have the same success as Night of the Living Dead . True, his art-house picture "Martin" was met more cordially, and already in 1978 the director returned to the zombie horror genre. Dawn of the Dead was inspired by Romero visiting a shopping center near Pittsburgh, where the sequel was filmed. He owed much of his success to Tom Savini, who was responsible for the special effects in the film.

Today, the Living Dead franchise has six parts, some of which have been re-directed by other directors. Romero by his example proved to subsequent generations that it is possible to scare the audience qualitatively even without a huge budget. Other works by the legendary filmmaker include Knights Riders, Kaleidoscope of Horror, directed by Stephen King, a killer ape thriller, The Dark Half and The Bouncer.


“I've always been the only one who played in this sandbox - only I made films about zombies,- admitted Romero . -And then The Walking Dead came along and zombies became mainstream. Now they are everywhere. ”.

Another film in the franchise about the living dead, which brought Romero fame, will go to the screens without his participation.

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