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Night of the Living Dead will receive a sequel

Image A month ago, we reported that the godfather of the zombie horror genre, George A. Romero, left behind dozens of unfinished projects. Fortunately for the audience, the heirs of the cult director do not plan to put up this impressive film archive for auction, but intend to implement the most interesting scenarios and bring several unfinished films to the big screen. As it became known to the publication Deadline, the sequel to the legendary horror film "Night of the Living Dead" will be one of the first to go into production.

Early last month, the original film celebrated its half-century anniversary. "Night of the Living Dead" was filmed for a ridiculous sum of $ 114 thousand and earned more than $ 30 million worldwide. Romero's revolutionary work earned cult status among horror fans and was included in the US National Film Register as a film of special cultural and historical significance. .

Subsequently, George directed five more MCU films based on the 1968 film. As it turned out, at some point in the director's plans was to create a direct sequel.Night of the Living Dead rightfully occupies a prominent place on the horror genre of Mount Rushmore, - says the official press release of Living Dead Media. -However, many fans of the genre did not even realize that back in the 70s, the scriptwriters and producers of the original film thought out the plot of the sequel to their masterpiece. Living Dead Media is finally ready to dust off this script and put it into production. ”


The details of the plot and the estimated start date for filming the sequel to "Night of the Living Dead" are still kept secret.

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Author: Jake Pinkman