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Lucasfilm is preparing Obi-Wan's solo album

Image Rumors that Obi-Wan Kenobi might get his own film has been around for a long time, but despite all the pleas of Star Wars fans, Lucasfilm has not commented on information about the return of the famous Jedi. However, now the portal The Hollywood Reporter is delivering good news for fans of the space saga - the leadership of Lucasfilm is launching the solo album of Obi-Wan .

While the project is in the early stages of development, it has neither a scenario, nor any specific deadlines for implementation. Considering that Lucasfilm prefers to release only one film a year, and the company's release schedule is scheduled until 2020, journalists believe that viewers will not see the picture about Obi-Wan before 2021 year. It is also unknown whether Ewan McGregor, who played the hero in the prequel trilogy, will return to the role of Kenobi . The actor himself has repeatedly expressed a desire to re-arm himself with a lightsaber, and last year McGregor noted that the creators of the saga have a lot to tell about the life of Obi-Wan in the interval between the third and fourth episodes.

Making the solo album Obi-Wan , given the character's popularity, has always seemed like an obvious decision on the part of Disney and Lucasfilm . However, there are rumors that the studios have put on hold on the project as they plan to use Kenobi in one of the upcoming episodes of Star Wars .


Negotiations to lead the filming of Obi-Wan's solo album are being led by a three-time Oscar nominee Stephen Daldry . In the track record of the veteran of cinema there are many serious dramas - "Billy Eliot", "The Clock", "The Reader", and therefore his choice for the post of director of the new project is interesting. Probably, Disney and Lucasfilm are still moving away from the fiasco of Chris Miller and Phil Lord and decided to play it safe by inviting a more experienced director.

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Author: Jake Pinkman