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Will Star Wars Eighth Reveal Obi-Wan's Secret?

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In February 2013, Disney studio announced that the space saga " Star Wars " will receive not only the third trilogy, but also a series of spin-offs. Since then, rumors have started to circulate on the Web that Obi-Wan Kenobi will get his own solo album.

Two years ago word spread throughout Hollywood that a whole trilogy could be dedicated to the legendary Jedi. Although Ewan McGregor has repeatedly announced his desire to return to a galaxy far, far away, Disney officials have been in no hurry to share their future plans for the famous hero of the franchise all these years.

Last year, McGregor had a chance to participate in the creation of the seventh episode of the saga. The Scotsman's voice sounded in the scene when Daisy Ridley's character heard the words: " Ray , these are your first steps." Many fans of the film series immediately began to suspect that the girl from the planet Jakku might be a relative of Obi-Wan . Earlier this year, the journalists of the Schmoes Know portal suggested that Kenobi would appear in the eighth episode as a Ghost of Force , and now one of the employees of Entertainment Weekly .


According to his information, the management of the studio Disney does not yet use Obi-Wan in the spin-offs, as they intend to use him in the plot of the main film series first. If, in the eighth or ninth episode of the saga, it turns out that Rei is indeed connected to Kenobi , this storyline could be further developed in the Jedi solo album.

Early next year, representatives from Disney and Lucasfilm will meet to determine the future of the franchise. According to producer Kathleen Kennedy, the studio bosses will have to decide if the main series will continue after the ninth episode. It is possible that the Skywalker saga will end in the third trilogy, after which only its spin-offs will start to appear on the screens.


The adventures of Rey and her friends will continue on December 14, 2017 , and in the middle of next month the first spin-off of the saga will be released - Rogue One. Star Wars: Stories ".

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