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Will George Lucas return to a galaxy far, far away?

Image The Belfast Telegraph decided to share an unexpected, but very curious rumor about the fate of the space saga "Star Wars". The Irish newspaper claims that the creator of the cult franchise, George Lucas, will take an active part in the work on the upcoming solo album by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

In 2012, the founder of Lucasfilm sold the rights to his famous film series to Disney Studios. Since then, rather contradictory information has come from Hollywood about his role in creating new films. At first, it was rumored that the leadership of the Walt Disney empire was in no hurry to consult with Lucas about the plot of the third trilogy of the Skywalker saga. However, then information appeared on the Web that George gave some practical advice to the director of the blockbuster Rogue One. Star Wars: Tales ”to Gareth Edwards, and then completely shot one of the scenes of the upcoming solo album by Han Solo.

Looks like House of Mouse is ready to give Lucas more powers. Irish journalists say Disney and Lucasfilm have already begun selecting locations for the Obi-Wan adventure spin-off. As part of the Hollywood delegation, the creator of the saga arrived in Belfast, who visited the Paint Hall studio and examined several picturesque natural locations.


Earlier it was reported that the Disney studio plans to entrust the production of this film to Stephen Daldry. Perhaps the negotiations with the British came to a standstill and the Walt Disney empire decided to offer the director's chair to Lucas. It cannot be ruled out that Daldry remained at the helm of the project, and George was entrusted with the post of executive producer of the film.


Officials from Disney and Lucasfilm are in no hurry to confirm information about the possible involvement of George Lucas in the work on Kenobi's solo album. The blockbuster is expected to begin filming early next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman