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Gaze Ignite will light up again in theaters

Image The novel Ignite with a Gaze by acclaimed horror king Stephen King will hit the big screens again. Blumhouse has announced this at the Overlook Film Festival , which is currently taking place in Oregon. The director's chair of the project will be taken by the winner of the Oscar Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind).

In the center of the plot of the story is Charlie McGhee - an eight-year-old girl who behaves like an ordinary child, but only until someone makes her angry or begins to threaten her family. Then Charlie will show the lethal abilities inherited from her parents - she can set fire to whatever she wants with willpower. McGee is not always in control of his abilities. Perhaps when she grows up, her powerful gift will become dangerous for the entire planet. Secret government intelligence agencies want to use her power as a weapon and kidnap the girl while killing her mother. The father is unable to save his daughter, but she herself is able to take care of herself ...

Blumhouse will also be co-sponsored by Universal , as it produced the original 1984 film. The main role was then played by Drew Barrymore, and director Mark L. Lester ("Commando", "Showdown in Little Tokyo") directed the filming.


According to Goldsman , who has worked on another famous King novel, The Dark Tower, the script for the upcoming movie will be based more on the novel, rather than its adaptation. The book will be adapted by screenwriter Scott Tims (Mistakes of the Past) and executive produced by Martha de Laurentiis, who also worked on the Eyes Fire version with Drew Barrymore .

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Author: Jake Pinkman