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Return to Overlook. Doctor Sleep Trailer

Image The world of cinema continues to experience a boom in kingomania. Before the audience had time to welcome the return of Pennywise, Hollywood began to stir up interest in yet another high-profile adaptation of Stephen King. Eerie, intense and insanely atmospheric trailer for "Doctor of Sleep" gives you the opportunity to return to the mysterious world of "The Shining" and meet Danny Torrance, who has grown up.

It's no secret that the Horror King has a frank dislike of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. The director of "Doctor of Sleep" Mike Flanagan tried to do the impossible - to shoot a continuation of the story about the owner of powerful telepathic abilities, which will appeal to both connoisseurs of the writer's work and fans of the 1980 film.

Doctor Sleep was published in 2013. King drew a sad future for the young hero of The Shining: Danny began to suppress the wounds and memories of a nightmare visit to the Overlook Hotel with the help of spirits. One day, Torrance learns of a sinister cult that hunts down children with radiance. Will Danny be able to save innocent children, fight the ghosts of the past and realize that his abilities are not a curse at all, but a great gift? ..

Doctor Sleep

The USA premiere of Doctor Sleep will take place on 7 November.

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