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WB Prepares Sequel to The Shining

Image No sooner had the fans of Stephen King come to their senses from the news about the start of work on the long-suffering project "The Dark Tower", as it became known about the upcoming film adaptation of another work of the King of Horrors .

According to The Tracking Board , the heroes of the novel " Doctor Sleep " will soon go to the big screen. The sequel to The Shining went on sale in 2013 and earned King the Bram Stoker Literary Prize.

The protagonist of the novel is the matured Danny Torrance , who continues to be haunted by the memories of the events that took place at the Overlook Hotel. For many years he tried to numb his mental pain with alcohol, until one day fate brought him to the small town of Fraser, where he got a job in a hospice. After quitting drinking, Danny began to use his amazing psychic abilities again and established a telepathic connection with the girl Abra Stone , who is in mortal danger ...


The novel will be adapted for the big screen by Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind). The Oscar winner has already collaborated with King for one of the earliest versions of the script for The Dark Tower . John Berg has been appointed curator of the project, and The King of Horrors will take over as executive producer.


In 1980 the studio Warner Bros. acted as a distributor of the Shining tape. Stanley Kubrick's film gained cult status with audiences, but King himself was disappointed with the film adaptation. In 1997, the writer took an active part in the work on the mini-series "The Shining" ( The Shining ), which won two Emmy awards.


Curiously, WB is also currently in development for the The Shining prequel, The Overlook Hotel.

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Author: Jake Pinkman