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Ewan McGregor will see the King's glow

Image Earlier this year, Warner Bros. decided to intensify work on the sequel to The Shining, which will be based on Stephen King's novel Doctor Sleep. According to the Variety portal, the studio has invited Ewan McGregor ("Trainspotting") for the lead role. The winner of the Golden Globe will try on the image of a matured Danny Torrance, who in childhood became a participant in the tragic events at the Overlook Hotel.

The project is directed by Mike Flanagan, who has already filmed King's Game of Gerald. Moreover, the filmmaker so successfully adapted the novel, which was previously considered completely unsuitable material for cinema, that critics were scattered in praise. Flanagan himself wrote the latest version of the script for Doctor Sleep, based on a rough draft of Akiva Goldsman (The Dark Tower).

Years have passed since the events described in the cult The Shining. Danny Torrance has matured, but childhood trauma is making itself felt. Danny has become like his own father - he tries to heal wounds with alcohol and has problems with self-control. When the hero decides to take the true path, supernatural abilities return to him, which he decides to use for the good - to help the dying patients prepare for death. One day, Torrance meets Abra Stone, who has the same gift of "shine" as his. However, the girl is in great danger: she is being pursued by a group of vampires who feed on this very "radiance" ...


Warner Bros. acquired the rights to film "Doctor Sleep" two years ago, but only after the success of "It" the studio decided to bring the project to mind as quickly as possible. The source says that King himself gave his blessing for McGregor to play Danny, so the new film has every chance of liking the King of Horror more than Kubrick's The Shining.

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Author: Jake Pinkman