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The Green Hornet got another chance

Image In 2016, fans of superheroes learned the good news: Paramount Pictures announced their decision to make a new film about the Green Hornet. Time passed, but the picture did not come out. It turned out that the studio had reached the critical moment and the rights to shoot it simply expired. It seemed that the future of the project could be given up, but that was not the case. Amasia Entertainment recently bought out the film rights for the franchise and now intend to develop a new version of the character and the universe as a whole.

As a child, the Green Hornet was one of my favorite TV shows. Our team are super fans of this comic, and therefore we are very excited about creating something new ”, - said one of the leaders of Amasia Entertainment, Michael Helfant.

It's important to note that the Green Hornet is unique in the comics industry as it is not under the control of DC or Marvel. This superhero franchise began as a radio series and gained a lot of popularity in the 60s with a live TV show starring Van Williams as Britt and Bruce Lee as Kato.


“On behalf of the family of Hornet creator George W. Trendl and The Green Hornet, Inc. I announce that we are delighted to partner with Amasia Entertainment to help bring the Green Hornet back to theaters, ”said Linda Trendle Hartle, President of The Green Hornet, Inc., in a statement.

The director of the film has not yet been appointed, and it is unclear what, in principle, can be expected from the new copyright holders. It remains to be hoped that the creators of the franchise will be able to find a balance between the classic vision of the character and the modern world and technology.

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