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Studio Universal sang with the Green Hornet

Image The Green Hornet is one of the few popular superheroes that doesn't belong to DC or Marvel, and he even predates Batman. Universal has decided to have its own fighter for justice, and the Green Hornet is the perfect candidate for the role.

The Major will join forces with Amasia Entertainment to create a new film about Britt Reed, a wealthy publisher who turns into a masked avenger at night and, together with his partner and driver, Kato, fights crime.

The Green Hornet debuted on radio in 1936. In the early 40s, he was the protagonist of a series of films, and in 1966 he received his own television show, which is also known for introducing the American public to Bruce Lee. In 2011, director Michelle Gondry directed The Green Hornet, but it received mixed reviews in the press and failed to recoup its $ 120 million budget. After that, Paramount's studio tried to bring the superhero back to life, but these attempts were unsuccessful.


The new project was named "Green Hornet and Kato". The filmmakers reportedly gravitate towards the comedy genre about partners. True, it is not yet known whether Universal has any stars for the main roles and a contender for the director's chair.

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