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Kevin Smith to create the Green Hornet TV series

Image Back in 2004, Kevin Smith was offered to supervise the work on the full-length film adaptation of The Green Hornet. As a result, the script of the filmmaker was never realized, and a completely different version reached the theaters. However, Smith got out of the situation with dignity: he turned his text into a comic strip. Now the director, who is often called the main geek of the planet, finally had the opportunity to create his own project about the Green Hornet.

Smith is developing an animated series based on the Green Hornet universe. The film maker collaborates with WildBrain, known for the show "Little Pot-bellied", "Inspector Gadget" and "Teletubbies". The new project will also be aimed at a family audience, and its main characters will be the modern Green Hornet and Kato, who are the son and daughter of the original Green Hornet and Kato, respectively.

“I am honored to bring legendary heroes, the Green Hornet and Kato, into their own animated series for the first time in their lifetime. We will tell a story of two Hornets - past and future, which is inspired by classic cartoons such as Batman, Heavy Metal and Super Friends, Smith noted.


It is also known that in the new version, Kato will be not just an accomplice, but a completely self-sufficient heroine and an equal partner of the Green Hornet.

Source: Deadline

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