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Paramount will return the Green Hornet to screens

Image Apparently, looking at how popular movie comics have gained in the last decade, the studio Paramount Pictures decided to make their own superhero film: according to the site Deadline , the major intends to return to the screens Green Hornet .

The superhero first made his debut as a character in radio programs, and after that he moved to television and to the pages of comics. Britt Reed is a wealthy newspaper owner who, at nightfall, turns into a masked avenger fighting crime paired with his assistant and driver Kato .

In 2011, Michel Gondry directed The Green Hornet with Seth Rogen as the title character. The picture, positioned as a comedy action movie, caused mixed feelings among critics, but managed to gross $ 227.8 million at the world box office.


Paramount has invited Gavin O'Connor known to film fans for "War" and the recently released "Reckoning" to direct the new project about The Green Hornet . The idea for the studio is to film a more serious version of the superhero story that could kick-start a new franchise. Sean O'Keefe is writing the movie.


O'Connor himself describes his vision of the project as the opposite of what his predecessors did - in the new film Britt Reed will be a kind of anti- Batman with military past without any vulgarity and bad taste.

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Author: Jake Pinkman