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Waiting for love. Trailer for the romcom ”#I'm here”

Image The traditions of French cuisine are passed down from generation to generation, they are studied by chefs from other countries. France is also famous for its excellent romantic comedies, and if this genre is going through hard times in the United States, then European film makers every year delight moviegoers with some charming love story. What will happen if you combine cooking, romance and popular social networks today? You will get the picture "#I am here".

The main character Stefan has achieved a lot in the professional field - he works as a cook in a wonderful French restaurant, but his personal life did not work out. On the Web, Stefan meets a charming Korean woman, and after talking with her in the virtual space, he, without thinking twice, flies straight to South Korea to continue the communication live. True, no one meets him at the airport - Su did not come corny, but Stefan does not get lost, uses his French charm and instantly becomes the star of Seoul.

The tape was directed by Eric Lartigo ("Right to Left"), and the main role was played by Alain Chaba. Over the years, the actor has not lost his charisma, so it was not difficult for him to charm the people of Seoul after he smiled at Monica Bellucci herself in “Asterix and Obelix”. Alena got Pae Doo-na (Kingdom) as her screen partner.

"#I am here"
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The release of "#Yehere" is scheduled for April 16th.

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