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Loneliness is a bastard

Image The name of the studio CJ Entertainment became known to movie fans four years ago, when the South Korean company acted as the main investor and distributor of the post-apocalyptic thriller Through the Snow. The adaptation of the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige has successfully performed at the international box office and was recognized by eminent critics as one of the best films of 2013.

According to the publication Deadline, CJ Entertainment is ready to take on the adaptation of another work by French authors. This time, the South Koreans acquired the rights to the film based on the book “The Disappeared” by journalist Lena Moje and photographer Stefan Remael.

In 2008, Moje and Remael heard from a friend an amazing story about how a prosperous Japanese family decided to urgently change their place of residence and break all ties with relatives, friends and acquaintances. Soon, the French began their own journalistic investigation and found out that such cases of unexpected escape from reality acquired the character of an epidemic in the Land of the Rising Sun.


According to the authors of the book, over the past few decades in Japan, about a hundred thousand people have disappeared without a trace. The term "evaporated man" has even come into use. It began to be used in relation to people who, due to the aching feeling of loneliness, family problems or growing debts, decided to give up their old life. Today in the Land of the Rising Sun there are several illegal organizations that, in the spirit of witness protection experts, can help clients get a new identity and start from scratch.


It is reported that the management of CJ Entertainment intends to independently finance the project. It is expected that the film based on "Gone" will be filmed in Japanese.

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Author: Jake Pinkman