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The love of a Frenchman and the sadness of a Swede: watch this week

Image Cinema halls in USA are opening slowly and very reluctantly: in some cities there is no way to buy cinema tickets at all, in others only auto-cinemas are available. Nevertheless, distributors regularly post a poster of the premieres for each subsequent week, and in the next week they expect to earn at least some pretty penny thanks to a few not-so-advertised new products.

In addition to a couple of passing horror films and another retelling of the story of King Arthur, on the big screen you can watch a romantic comedy about a French chef in love and a new work by Swedish director Roy Andersson. As for superheroes, super directors and projects with A-class actors, they will obviously have to wait a little longer ...

"# is here". The Frenchman who blew up Instagram

"# I'm here"
Duplicate trailer

The protagonist of this romantic comedy, Stefan, works as a chef in a wonderful French restaurant, where he is highly appreciated. But his personal life did not work out, so he has to look for love on the Web. Once on the Internet, he finds a charming Korean woman and, having talked to her virtually, flies straight to South Korea to continue communicating offline. No one meets him at the airport, so Stefan has to use his trademark French charm and Instagram hashtags ... The film was shot by Eric Lartigo ("Right to Left"), and the main role was played by Alain Chaba ("Asterix and Obelix". His screen partners went to actress Bae Doo-na (Kingdom).

Ghosts ". Old song in the old way


British horror by David Holroyd will tell about a girl named Emily, who was hired as a nurse for a bed patient. The house where the client lives is in a real wilderness, and the building itself looks like a classic mansion from a horror movie. Soon, Emma realized why her employer could not find an assistant for so long, but leaving this frightening place will not be so easy. If it seems to you that this is a passing horror movie, then you do not think - most critics were not delighted with what they saw and advise only the most devoted fans of the genre to go to the "Ghosts" in the cinema. And then on condition that they have already watched all the other horror films.

About infinity ". Beauty for connoisseurs


Another European guest at our box office is the Swedish, German, Norwegian and French co-production drama "On Infinity", which last year took away the prize for the best director from the Venice Film Festival. Director Roy Andersson (Songs from the Second Floor) has shot a touching story, imbued with sadness and tenderness, which looks more like a highly artistic essay full of metaphors than a movie we are used to. Various everyday scenes appear before the viewer, and a voice-over comments on what is happening in a thoughtful and philosophical manner. According to reviewers, the director has remained faithful to his graceful style, so if you like Andersson's previous works, you can feel free to go to the premiere of this one.

Arthur and Merlin: Knights of Camelot ". For the throne, for the queen

Arthur and Merlin: Knights of Camelot
Dubbed Trailer

Giles Alderson's film is based on the famous legend of King Arthur and the sword Excalibur. In the center of the plot is Arthur, exhausted by the war, who, after a long struggle with the Roman Empire, returned to Camelot and found that his illegitimate son Mordred had declared himself king and had his eyes on Queen Guenever. Together with the faithful knights of the Round Table, Arthur must once again take up arms and return his crown. As you can see in the trailer, a touch of feminism has been added to the story that has been rethought by filmmakers many times, and the action scenes leave much to be desired. As for audience feedback on this picture, the words “optional”, “annoying” and “crumpled” prevail.

Mirrors: Incarnation ". Three doors for the demon

Mirrors: Incarnation
Dubbed Trailer

Horror directors Andrew Mechem and Matthew Whedon will once again take you to a frightening house, but this time in the company of two girls who will discover the power of magic mirrors. After the death of their mother, the main characters Olivia and Claire were forced to move to an inhospitable aunt, and she immediately gave them a set of rules for living in the house. These girls, of course, violated the rules, for which they paid. The film's rating is quite low, and reviews are mostly neutral, so the conclusion here can be drawn the same as in the case of "Ghosts": watch when there is nothing else.

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