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”Can you keep secrets?” Trailer with Chatty Alexandra Daddario

Image Ten years ago, producers tirelessly regaled the audience with romantic comedies for every taste and color, but now this genre loses in popularity to action games, horror films and superhero blockbusters, and viewers can rarely watch the love affairs from the life of a charming movie couple. For those who are tired of the incessant showdown between good and evil, of cursed dolls and creepy monsters, in a couple of months there will be a picture entitled "Can you keep secrets?", Based on the novel of the same name by Sophie Kinsella.

Emma works as an advertising manager for a New York company, but her professional career and personal life is at a standstill. Returning home by plane after an unsuccessful business meeting, Emma meets a charming guy, and after a couple of glasses and getting into a zone of turbulence, the girl dumps a whole tub of her dirty secrets on her cute neighbor. Imagine Emma's surprise when that same stranger turned out to be the president of the company in which she works. Emma's life is turned upside down - what if the boss knows every shameful secret of yours? Only the truth and the love that suddenly fell on their heads will help them ...

Alexandra Daddario (Rescuers Malibu) and Tyler Hoechlin (Supergirl) starred in the film. It is curious that they already starred in the same film eight years ago - in "Celibate Week". The romcom was directed by Elise Durand, better known for her work on various reality shows.

Do you know how to keep secrets?
Dubbed trailer

Alexandra Daddario will reveal her secrets on October 3.

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