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Michael Bay will cross the road to drug cartels

Image Coronavirus Michael Bay is not a hindrance. No sooner had we announced that the filmmaker was producing a tape about the pandemic, when journalists managed to find out about Bay's other project. Sony has entrusted Michael with the development of a picture called Armored, which will be based on the book by Mark Greene. At the end of the year, the work will be released in audio format on the Audible platform, and after that it will be published in a traditional print version. Now producers are actively looking for a screenwriter who would adapt the original.

The main character of the novel is a security specialist. He suffers from past wounds, physical and mental, and therefore reluctantly agrees to another job. This time he needs to be in a convoy armed to the teeth, escorting UN delegates through the territory of Mexican drug cartels. High in the mountains, in the Sierra Madre ridge, the mission turns into a desperate struggle for survival: dirty cops, warring gangs and internal enemies try to destroy the convoy before peace talks bear fruit.

Some are already comparing the project to the thriller "Assassin", but the source claims that while the Sony bosses have not finally decided on the idea of the film, other criminal organizations may come to replace the Mexican cartels. However, given the popularity of the dramas "Barygi" and "Zero Zero Zero", the studio is unlikely to abandon a potential hit about the drug business.

Source: Deadline

The Topic of Article: Michael Bay will cross the road to drug cartels.
Author: Jake Pinkman