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Channing Tatum Will Go Against Drug Cartels

Image Among the announced projects with the participation of Channing Tatum , you can find both the blockbuster Gambit and the Macho and the Nerd crossover with Men in Black. Rumor has it that Universal has even offered the actor the role of Van Helsing in their Dark Universe . However, while all these ideas are far from being realized, the major and Tatum decided to work together on another film.

According to the portal Deadline , Universal has acquired the rights to film the novel Bloodlines: The True Story of a Drug Cartel, the FBI, and the Battle for a Horse-Racing Dynasty , just getting ready to print. Tatum will play the main role in the film, and will also be engaged in producing it along with Michael De Luca ("Captain Phillips"). The adaptation of Melissa Del Bosque's book, based on true events, will be Oscar nominee Jonathan Herman (Voice of the Streets).

Fighting drug cartels and money trafficking is what the FBI Scott Lawson agent dreamed of when he was sent to the seemingly quiet town of Loredo, Texas. Much to the dismay of Scott , however, his job is to write reports about the drug wars, which does not please the hero too much. But one day an anonymous author informs Lawson interesting information: a horse was sold at an auction in Oklahoma for a record amount. The buyer is of greatest interest - Miguel Trevino , one of the leaders of the Mexican cartel Zetas . With a potentially dangerous business in hand, Lawson turns to a more experienced colleague for help,

Soon, Channing Tatum will hit the big screens in the action comedy "Logan's Luck", and then try on a cowboy hat in the blockbuster "Kingsman: The Golden Ring".

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