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FX Channel will get involved in drug war

Image Back in 2015, 20th Century Fox acquired the rights to film two of Don Winslow's bestselling books, The Cartel and The Power of the Dog. Ridley Scott himself wanted to lead the shooting of the film, but, as it turned out, the project would never be realized. However, there is no reason for frustration, since the FX channel will shoot a series based on the book cycle. The network received the rights not only to Cartel and Power of the Dog, but also to the third work published this year - The Border.

The original trilogy is dedicated to the life of DEA agent Art Keller during the 45-year long war with drug cartels. A bloody confrontation between the agent and the Mexican drug lord Adan Berrera runs through her as a red thread. Full of shocking brutality, books in all colors show the internal conflicts of the world of drug trafficking, hucksters and cops on both sides of the border, smugglers and drug couriers, lawyers, journalists, teenage gangsters and politicians-corrupt, operating on a huge territory that stretches from the poppy fields of Mexico to White at home.

One of the scriptwriters of the pilot episode will be Shane Salerno (Wanted) - he was supposed to work on the full-length version of Cartel. The name of the second author, who will become the showrunner of the series, has not yet been announced. Ridley Scott is also among the executive producers of the project.


Renowned for its love of quirky shows, from the successful American Crime Story to the out-of-the-box Legion, FX has already sent viewers to the US-Mexican border with The Bridge in 2013.

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Source: Deadline

The Topic of Article: FX Channel will get involved in drug war.
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