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Fox is interested in the story of the corrupt cop

Image Last summer, 20th Century Fox acquired the film rights to the international bestseller The Cartel , expecting Ridley Scott to lead the filming. Now the major is ready to continue cooperation with the writer Don Winslow - the company has bought the rights to film adaptation of his new novel, which has no title. The news site Deadline writes about this.

Most often in his works, Winslow talks about Mexican drug cartels, but the new book will be completely different. She's already been compared to films like Serpico, Prince of the City and The Departed. The novel will appear in print next June.

It's about a corrupt police officer from one of the most elite units of the New York police. Sergeant Danny Malone is forced to choose between family, colleagues and his own life. To prevent looming racial conflicts, the hero must reconcile between himself the idealistic protector, which he wants to be, and the corrupt cop he has become. Everyone is up in arms against Malone - Harlem gangs, mafia, colleagues, the mayor, federal investigators and, worst of all, his own demons.

For the new book, Winslow did a whole lot of research - he went back to the streets to learn more about police culture, interviewing high-ranking officials, detectives and street cops.


Fox is currently looking for a screenwriter to adapt Winslow . His previous books have attracted the attention of such eminent filmmakers as Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann, Oliver Stone, Peter Berg and William Friedkin.

The Topic of Article: Fox is interested in the story of the corrupt cop.
Author: Jake Pinkman