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In a death trap. New Dune Trailer

Image Frank Herbert's Dune can be called the bible of science fiction. The saga of politics, religion, war and fate has had a huge impact on the genre, but Herbert's work has always been considered difficult to adapt to film. Hollywood has stumbled more than once in its attempts to bring the fantasy world of planet Arrakis to the big screens. The first to do so was David Lynch, but many, including the director himself, believe the world would be a better place without 1984's Dune. The failure of the picture led to the fact that for many years the filmmakers did not even touch the work of Herbert, and only in 2000 the epic became the basis for the mini-series of the same name. At that time, television projects could hardly boast of huge budgets, so Dune turned out to be less spectacular than the audience expected.

Now Dune was taken over by Denis Villeneuve, the director who donated Arrival to film lovers and encroached on Blade Runner. The first trailer of his fantastic blockbuster has just appeared on the web, and it looks like Villeneuve has managed to unravel the mystery of "Dune". At the very least, the promo video will make fans' hearts beat faster and raise the bar for expectations - like desert battles, a giant sandworm and a great soundtrack written by Hans Zimmer.


Recall that "Dune" is the story of the gifted Paul Atreides, who is destined for a great destiny that goes beyond his understanding. He must travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe to secure the future of his family and his people. This planet is a source of the most valuable resource, which is why a war breaks out, in which only those who overcome their own fears will win ...

Villeneuve only had a couple of requirements for studio bosses. First, the director wanted to split Herbert's saga into two films, which he was allowed to do. At the same time, Villeneuve argues that the first part will be a completely finished story, despite the fact that it is based on only half of the printed original. The second condition concerned filming: Villeneuve wanted to work in a real desert. This is how the film crew got to Jordan. The cast for "Dune" Villeneuve gathered all competitors to envy: Paul Atreides was played by Oscar nominee Timothy Chalamet, and he is surrounded by such movie stars as Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Jason Momoa, Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Stellan Skarsgard Dave Batista, Zendea and Charlotte Rampling.

Dubbed Trailer

Dune is slated to premiere on December 17, but analysts suspect the trip to Arrakis will be delayed until next year.

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