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The Long Road to Dune

Image Although David Lynch's "Dune" rightfully bears the status of one of the most iconic science fiction films of the 80s, some moviegoers still cannot forgive the director for free handling of the original plot. As it became known to The Playlist, the new film adaptation of the first part of The Chronicles of Dune promises to follow the book much more accurately.

Denis Villeneuve, who is a big fan of the legendary book cycle by Frank Herbert, will lead the work on the new adaptation of Dune. During a meeting with fans at the Rendez-vous du Cinema in Quebec, the director shared some very interesting information about his ambitious film project.Working on Dune will take me a couple of years, - admitted Denis Villeneuve. -We expect to shoot at least two films.

Denis did not elaborate on whether to take his words as a hint that Legendary Pictures intends to create an entire franchise based on The Chronicles of Dune, or whether it is about dividing the film adaptation of the first part of the book series into several films.


It is curious that the previous film by Villeneuve - "Blade Runner 2049" could be divided into several parts. The draft version of the painting lasted over four hours. The director did not want to put the film under the knife, but the producers did not support the idea of dividing the film into two parts. As a result, many scenes from Blade Runner 2049 remained on the editing table, and a 164-minute version of the film got on the screens.

It is possible that the leadership of Legendary Pictures will give Villeneuve much greater creative freedom and give him the chance to film "Dune" as close to the original text as possible. "I have immense respect for David Lynch," Denis said. -This is one of the best directors of our time. Its 'Dune' really impressive, but personally, I imagined the film adaptation of Herbert's work in a completely different way. Now I have the opportunity to make a film the way I saw it in my dreams”.


The start date for filming the new version of "Dune" has not yet been announced.

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Author: Jake Pinkman