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Kevin Bacon will feel the earthquake again

Image Six months ago, Kevin Bacon admitted that he would be delighted to star in the sequel to the fantastic thriller Tremors . According to The Hollywood Reporter , in the very near future the star of the crime drama "The Following" ( The Following ) will have a chance to fulfill his cherished dream.

Reportedly, Universal Cable Productions and Blumhouse Productions have started work on the series based on the cult film by Ron Underwood. The details of the plot are still kept secret, but this does not prevent the project from arousing active interest from the heads of the on-air and cable channels.

Andrew Miller ( The Secret Circle ) will lead the script for the series, and Bacon plans to return to Val McKee , but also take on the functions of a producer.


In 1990, Tremors grossed more than $ 48 million at the worldwide box office on a budget of $ 11 million , and received four nominations for the prestigious Saturn ". Over the past quarter century, the franchise has grown with four sequels, each of which went straight to video. In 2003, the film series received a television spin-off, but it was closed after the release of the 13th episode.


Universal Cable Productions has a track record of popular TV shows such as Eureka , Warehouse 13 , Caprica ”( Caprica ),“ Being Human ”( Being Human ),“ Defiance ”( Defiance ),“ Dominion ”( Dominion ), "Killjoys" ( Killjoys ) and "Mr. Robot" ( Mr. Robot ).

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