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Syfy TV will restart Earthquake


Syfy has announced the re-launch of the popular science fiction series "Tremors". According to The Wrap, Kevin Bacon, who starred in the original 1990 movie, will take part in the creation of the new version. According to the plot, his character will again have to save his hometown from graboids, but first he will have to defeat his own demons in the form of a complex of a forgotten hero, alcoholism and age. Bacon will also act as executive producer of the project.

Note that there has been talk of a possible relaunch of the series for many years. For the first time, the actor spoke about his readiness to take part in it back in 2015. But only now the matter has moved off the ground.

Recall, that in the 1990 movie, the inhabitants of a small town in Nevada had to face huge graboid worms. "Tremors" was not particularly successful at the box office, but earned a cult status among fans of the genre. Subsequently, four sequels were released on disk media and one television series based on the movie was created. Kevin Bacon did not take part in these projects.

In early 2017, it was announced that the shooting of the sixth episode, which will also bypass theatrical release and will be presented exclusively in digital form.

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Author: Jake Pinkman