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Kurosawa's ”Rashomon” will receive a remake

Image The remake addiction virus continues to infect contemporary artists. According to The Tracking Board , the Taiwanese studio Datang International Entertainment and the Japanese company DLE Japan have decided to re-shoot Akira Kurosawa's cult tape “ Rasemon b>".

The original film was based on the stories by Ryunosuke Akutagawa " In the Thicket " and " Rasemon Gate ". At home, the drama did not cause much enthusiasm, but it managed to become a real hit in Europe and America. In 1951, Kurosawa won the Golden Lion with her at the Venice Film Festival , and a year later, Rasemon won the " Oscar " award in the category "Best Foreign Language Film". Thanks to the phenomenal success of this film, Japanese cinema has become very popular in the international arena.

Kurosawa's directorial findings and Kazuo Miyagawa's masterful cinematography helped the film not only gain a cult status among viewers, but also become an object of imitation among filmmakers. Also " Rasemon " is considered to be the ancestor of a separate genre in which the same event is presented from different points of view.


The remake will be helmed by the founder of Datang International Entertainment Alice Wang (Kung Fu Girls). At the Cannes Film Festival taking place these days, her company also signed deals for the production of the action comedy Fish Sword and the musical romcom Veteran and the Beauty .

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Author: Jake Pinkman