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China to revive Akira Kurosawa's projects

Image Japanese Akira Kurosawa is rightfully considered one of the greatest directors in the history of cinematography, who gave the world such unsurpassed masterpieces as "Rasemon", "The Bodyguard" and "Seven Samurai". During his long and successful career in the world of big cinema, the winner of the honorary " Oscar " award made three dozen films and wrote many scripts, some of which were never realized. As it became known to the edition The Hollywood Reporter , the heroes of a number of unfinished projects of Akira will still hit the big screens thanks to the Chinese company Jinke Entertainment .

Great news for fans of Kurosawa's art came from the Cannes Film Festival . Initially, Jinke Entertainment was in the chemical business, but in recent years has decided to switch to the entertainment industry. She has already managed to achieve some success in the gaming industry, and now she is determined to conquer the world of cinema. At a special press conference in Cannes, representatives of the Chinese company announced that they had acquired the script rights for nine unrealized film projects of the great filmmaker from the heirs of Kurosawa .

The first of them to go into production is a film tentatively titled " Silver Spear ". The film will unfold in the Age of Warring Provinces, and its protagonist will be a noble samurai named Ishigaki Jubei , who is tricked into a gang of dangerous criminals.


Filming of Silver Lance is slated to begin next year. The first Jinke Entertainment movie is expected to be filmed in Chinese. At the same time, representatives of the company noted that they are open to cooperation with the world's leading film studios and are ready to shoot the following films in other languages.

Kurosawa's last film in 1993 was the drama Not Yet. Over the next two years, Akira wrote scripts for the films "Only the Sea Knows" and "After the Rain", but his dream to transfer their heroes to the movie screens was prevented by a severe back injury. The director passed away on September 6, 1998 at the age of 88.


In 1999, the script for the drama " After the Rain " was realized by Takashi Koizumi, who collaborated with Kurosawa as co-director for nearly three decades. Three years later, the film " Only the sea knows " saw the light, which was shot by his compatriot Kei Kumai in memory of the famous Japanese film maker.

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Author: Jake Pinkman