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Scott and DiCaprio will open the hunt for the drug lord

Image As reported by Deadline , 20th Century Fox has acquired the film rights to Don Winslow's Reign of the Dog and The Cartel ".

In the center of the plot of the book dilogy -the confrontation between the agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration Art Keller and the Mexican drug lord Adan Berrera . The author based the image of the latter on the personality of the leader of the Sinaloa cartel Joaquin Guzman Loere , nicknamed Shorty , who two weeks ago made his next successful escape from prison.

Many Hollywood studios and production companies have participated in the struggle for the rights to adapt the novels, among which was Appian Way , owned by Leonardo DiCaprio . Representatives of the author made a choice in favor of Fox , having learned that in case of winning the auction, the studio will give the director's chair for the film Ridley Scott .


The script of the film will be written by Shane Salerno, who already has experience of transferring the characters of the books Winslow to the big screens - for the work on the thriller "Wanted". Fox bosses are also reportedly considering a deal with Appian Way , which will allow DiCaprio to participate in the production of the film as a producer and performer Art Keller .

Ridley Scott is currently preparing the sci-fi drama The Martian for its October release. The previously busy work schedule forced the director to abandon the Blade Runner sequel, and now the adaptation of Winslow novels may force Scott to give up the sequel to Prometheus.


As for DiCaprio , he is now preparing for the additional filming of the Western "Survivor", which will be released on USA screens on January 28, 2016 . Earlier this year, Leonardo signed on to star in the film adaptation of Daniel Keyes's novel The Multiple Minds of Billy Milligan , and he plans to adapt another book in the near future.Winslow - " Satori ".

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