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Sony to hunt El Chapo

Image The phenomenal success of the TV series "Barygi" and "Queen of the South" once again proved that viewers have a great interest in stories about drug cartels and their odious leaders. One of the most famous modern drug lords is rightfully considered Joaquin Guzman Loera , nicknamed Shorty ( El Chapo ), who for the first time since the time of Al Capone deserved from the Chicago The Criminal Commission is named Public Enemy Number One.

It is not surprising that the life story of Loera has long been of active interest among the bosses of Hollywood studios. In November 2014, Universal studio acquired the rights to film the article " The Hunt for El Chapo ", which told about the operation of the Mexican Navy and DEA agents to capture the head of the Sinaol cartel, which during For 13 years he successfully fled from prosecution after escaping from a maximum security prison. There was no news about this project for a long time: it is possible that screenwriters Craig Borten and Melissa Wallack had to seriously rework the plot of the film, because on July 11, 2015, El Chapo again managed to escape from prison. He was caught in January 2016, and a year later the Mexican authorities decided to extradite him to the United States.

At the moment, Hollywood is also working on the adaptation of Don Winslow's book dilogy, the main antagonist of which was copied from Loera . Ridley Scott will take over the director's chair for the project tentatively titled Cartel. Finally, in May last year it became known that the story of the ascent of Shorty to power will be the basis of the #Cartel TV series History .


Today, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Sony studio is preparing its project about the godfather of the international drug trade. The film company is reportedly finalizing negotiations to acquire the rights to film the book by Cole Merell and Douglas Century The Hunt for El Chapo: The Thrilling Story of an American Servant of the Law Who Caught the Most Wanted Drug Lord ". 3 Arts Entertainment will also take part in the work on the crime drama.

According to insiders, Sony management wants to give the helm of the project to a famous film maker. The shortlist for the biopic director's chair is headed by Michael Bay , who has already partnered with 3 Arts Entertainment on the military drama 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.


Merella and Century are expected to be available in mid-October.

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Author: Jake Pinkman