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Mel Gibson will return to WWII

Image In 2016, the tape "For reasons of conscience" allowed Mel Gibson to atone for the sins of the past and triumphantly return to the Hollywood Olympus. The biographical drama about the military medic-pacifist Desmond T. Dosse earned more than $ 175 million at the worldwide box office on a budget of $ 40 million, entered the top ten films of the year according to the American Film Institute, and earned Gibson nominations for the Golden Globe and Oscars. As it became known, the action of Mel's next directorial project may unfold again during the Second World War.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gibson is considering inviting Hollywood Gang Productions to lead Destroyer. The project was announced in July last year, when the management of the California film company acquired the rights to film the novel by John Wukowitz "Hell from Heaven."

In the center of the plot of the picture will be the crew of the famous destroyer USS Laffey. During the Second World War, the American destroyer first participated in the landing of Allied troops in Normandy, and then was sent to the Pacific Ocean. During the Battle of Okinawa, the ship was heavily attacked by Japanese kamikaze. Despite the death of 32 crew members and a dozen holes in the hull, the USS Laffey remained afloat and continued the battle. After the battle ended, Laffey received five Service Stars on board and earned the nickname "The Unkillable Ship".


The start date of filming will depend on Gibson's work schedule. At the moment, Mel is actively invited to one of the roles in the full-length adaptation of the series "The Six Million Dollar Man." If the actor agrees to participate in this project, work on the film adaptation of Hell from Heaven is unlikely to start earlier than winter. If Gibson declines the invitation to star in "The Six Billion Dollar Man", the shooting of the film about the exploits of the crew of the destroyer "Laffey" may begin in the fall.

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Author: Jake Pinkman