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Unarmed soldier. Trailer ”For reasons of conscience”

Image At the Venice Film Festival Mel Gibson , which ended a little less than a month ago, he returned to big cinema as a director after a ten-year hiatus. His new film " Out of Conscience " did not participate in the main competition, but was warmly received by the professional audience and received a long round of applause.

War drama Gibson is dedicated to the Second World War, pacifism, Christianity and the extremely unusual story of one soldier of the American army. At the center of the story is Medal of Honor medalist Desmond T. Doss.

Desmond , a Seventh-day Adventist (one of the Protestant sects), was an ardent opponent of violence and followed the precepts of Christianity. However, after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, he volunteered for the army and served until the very end of the war, never taking up arms. During the battle for Okinawa, being wounded several times, he managed to save 75 of his colleagues from shelling.


Mel Gibson more than once became a participant in numerous scandals related to his personal life and worldview (he was accused of homophobia and anti-Semitism). These circumstances are associated with long downtime in his Hollywood directorial career. And one of the last roles at the moment, Gibson played in the third part of "The Expendables". During the Venice Film Festival Mal , in an interview with Deadline , he criticized modern Hollywood blockbusters for being most often about fictional characters, and for the fact that, in his opinion, their budgets are unnecessarily inflated. By the way, the budget for his film is modest $ 45 million for a studio film.

For reasons of conscience
Dubbed trailer

In For Conscience , the role of Doss will be played by Andrew Garfield, known to a mass audience as the penultimate Spider-Man to date. In addition to him, Sam Worthington, Teresa Palmer, Hugo Weaving and Vince Vaughn took part in the film. The premiere of the war drama in USA is set for November 17 .

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