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NBC May Revive Parallel Worlds

Image It's no secret that recently viewers have become wary of news of remakes, sequels and reboots of famous films and TV series. Today our foreign colleagues have published news that will surely evoke positive emotions from TV fans. A wave of nostalgia for the 80s and 90s could revive the cult sci-fi series Parallel Worlds. In our country, he is also known as "Sliders".

Good news for the Pepsi generation came from John Rhys-Davis, who played Professor Maximilian Arturo in the original series. “Jerry O'Connell has long suggested that I revive Parallel Worlds, the actor admitted in an interview with Flickering Myth. -We are finally ready to implement this idea and are already negotiating with the leadership of the NBC channel. Things are going with a creak, because over the past years, in the situation with the rights to the series, a real leapfrog has formed. "

Parallel Worlds debuted on Fox in March 1995. A fascinating story about a group of alternative realities travelers has earned a warm welcome in the press and loved by fans of sai-fai. Unfortunately for the creators of the series, the management of the television network at first actively intervened in their work, and then began to show the episodes altogether in the wrong order in which they were filmed.


Constant violations of the logic of the narrative led to lower ratings. As a result, "Parallel Worlds" managed to stay on the air of Fox for only three years. Sci Fi attempted to revive the show, but by that time some of its stars, including Rhys-Davis and Sabrina Lloyd, had already released themselves from contractual obligations and were employed in other projects. The drained series still returned for two more seasons, but it never reached its old level.

At one time we had a chance to win the status of the best show on North American TV, - said John Rhys-Davis. -I'm ready to star in the sequel to Parallel Worlds if only for the sake of showing what this show could have become if Fox did not interfere with our work. "


Fans of Parallel Worlds can only hope that the rights situation for the series will be resolved, and the ideas of O'Connell and Rhys-Davis will be interesting enough for NBC to order production of the first season of the revamped show.

Source: Flickering Myth

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