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Loving Superman

Image In recent years, the DC universe has lost and changed actors so often that it can only be saved by the concept of alternative realities, which explains the existence of several Batmen, Jokers and other characters. Rumors circulate online that Warner Bros. will reboot the franchise with Barry Allen's solo album based on the Flashpoint comic. Looks like it's time for DC fans to prepare for unexpected guests from parallel worlds.

At the end of May, it was reported that WB was ready to make peace with Henry Cavill and even offered the actor a new contract. There is a theory that Superman will turn into an analogue of Nick Fury: the Kryptonian will do without a solo album, but will become a frequent guest of other movie comics.

It looks like the WB will keep the Man of Steel, but update his inner circle. Insiders claim that the studio will unveil a new Lois Lane. DC fans are familiar with Superman's beloved from the films of Zack Snyder. Then Amy Adams appeared in the image of Lois. It can be assumed that the second lane will come from a parallel world. The list of candidates for the role is allegedly headed by Zoe Saldana.


If today's rumor turns out to be true, Zoe will be registered in the fourth fantastic film series. Previously, the actress has starred in Avatar, Star Trek and the films of the Marvel Universe.

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