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Wells' War of the Worlds begins on TV

Image According to the information resource Blastr , the novel by cult science fiction writer Herbert Wells War of the Worlds will receive a television adaptation. The British company Mammoth Screen , which has already invited Peter Harness to write a script for a new project, will take care of it.

This year, BBC One aired the previous Harness series, the fantasy drama Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell ), which has received flattering reviews from critics. The scriptwriter himself, by the way, noted that he plans to adapt the work of Wells as close to the original as possible.

This means that the events of the film adaptation will take place in the Victorian era, as in the novel itself. It is about the invasion of the Martians and the capture of England, and the main action of the book is set in Surrey.


The British channel ITV will begin work on the series in 2017, since by December next year the rights to War of the Worlds are owned by the studio Paramount , which managed to transfer a cult work on big screens. So, ten years ago, viewers had the opportunity to see the version of Steven Spielberg with Tom Cruise in the title role. This film is set in America today.

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Author: Jake Pinkman