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Cartoons started fighting for Oscar - 2019

Image The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has begun preparations for next year's major film event. The organization's official website has published a list of cartoons nominated for the Oscar - 2019. This time 25 animated films entered the fight for the prestigious golden statuette.

Traditionally, the Academy's press release reminded fans of the world of cinema that some of the participants on the long list of contenders for the Best Animated Film category have not yet met all the necessary conditions for qualifying. In order for this Oscar nomination to be fully completed, the creators of at least 16 cartoons must comply with the requirements of academics. Otherwise, less than five paintings will be included in the list of finalists in this category. The last time this happened was seven years ago.

The Best Animated Feature category debuted in 2002. The absolute leader in the number of victories in this category is the Pixar studio, whose cartoons have won nine of 17 Oscars. Pixar members have a great chance to break even further away from competitors, because this year they will be represented by the sequel to The Incredibles, which academics once recognized as the best animated film of 2004.


The list of Oscar nominees for this and other categories will be announced on January 22nd. The 91st World's Major Film Awards will take place on February 24, 2019 at the Dolby Hollywood Cinema. The name of its host has not yet been announced.

The long list in the Best Animated Film nomination includes:

"Ana and Bruno"
The Grinch
Wild Ancestors
"Laws of the Universe: Part 1"


"How to watch the fireworks"
Liz and the Bluebird
Lou Behind the Wall
"Mirai from the Future"
"Monsters on Vacation 3: The Sea Calls"


"The night is short, walk, girl"
"On the road to happiness"
"The Freudian Robbery"
"Isle of Dogs"
"Ralph Against the Internet"


"Sergeant Stubby: An American Hero"
The Incredibles 2
"The Secret Life of Insects"
"Tito and the Birds"


"Decorate a goodbye morning with flowers of promise"
Have a Nice Day
Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse
Sherlock Gnomes
"Teen Titans Go!"

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