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Cartoon Heroes Race for Oscars

Image The Dream Factory began to prepare intensively for the next season of distribution of prestigious awards, and therefore the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hastened to publish the list of cartoons that were nominated for the Oscar. 26 animated films got a chance to win the main film trophy of the world this year.

The fight for the gold statuette in the category "Best Cartoon" will be held without the triumphant of last year's ceremony - Walt Disney Animation Studios. However, the leadership of the Walt Disney empire has no serious reason to be discouraged, because two Pixar animated films will take part in the Oscar race at once. Warner Bros. Corporation also nominated two serious contenders for the valuable award. One of the favorites for the 90th Academy Awards is also this year's highest grossing cartoon, Illumination Entertainment's Despicable Me 3.

An official press release from the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences reminds viewers that some of the longlisted for Best Animated Feature Award have not yet met all qualifying criteria. In order for this list to be reduced to the usual five nominees based on the results of the academicians' voting, the creators of at least 16 cartoons must prove their right to participate in the race for the Oscar. Otherwise, the number of finalists in the submitted category will be reduced.


It became known last spring that the Academy decided to seriously change the rules for determining nominees in the category for animated films. If earlier the short-list was made by a special Oscar committee, now absolutely any academician can vote for the best cartoon of the year. According to a number of reputable critics, such a decision by the management of the film organization could lead to the fact that from now on, extremely expensive and widely advertised animated films will begin to make their way into the number of finalists.

The shortlist for this and other categories will be announced on January 23rd, and the 90th Academy Awards will take place on March 4th, 2018. The event will be hosted by popular showman Jimmy Kimmel for the second year in a row.


The long list in the Best Animated Film nomination includes:

Window Horses: The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming
"The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales"
"Boss Baby"
"In this corner of the world"
"Van Gogh. Love, Vincent. ”


"Despicable Me 3"
"Girl with no hands"
The Hunter
Forgotten Children
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie


Cinderella Cat
The LEGO Ninjago Movie
The Lego Movie: Batman
Sword Master Online: Ordinal Rank


"My school is sinking into the sea"
"Meary and the Witch's Flower"
"Guiding Star"
"Christmas of the Moomins"


The Smurfs: The Lost Village
"The Sleeping Princess: The Unknown Story About Me"
"The Secret of Coco"
"Cars 3"


"Voice shape"
Emoji Movie
"Ethel and Ernest"

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