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Andre Ovredal will go for a long walk with King

Image One more picture will soon be added to the number of film adaptations of the novels of the King of Horrors. Andre Ovredal (The Demon Within) will lead the film based on one of Stephen King's early novels, The Long Walk. The script was written by James Vanderbilt (Zodiac).

King published The Long Walk in 1979 under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. This is a kind of dystopia, where the timing of the action is not very specific. In the story, 100 carefully selected youths take part in a competition called The Long Walk every year. Its rules are simple: each participant moves along a given route at a speed of about six kilometers per hour. If someone slows down, he is given a warning, of which there can be no more than three. If the participant has not gained speed, he is shot. The winner gets whatever he wants for the rest of his days. Aggression towards opponents is prohibited, but assistance is not prohibited. Under such difficult circumstances, a friendship is struck between the two boys, which gives them a lot to understand. King himself considers The Long Walk to be one of his best early novels. Its echoes can be found in films such as The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games.


Among the more recent works by Andre Ovredal is the horror horror story "Scary stories to tell in the dark", which will premiere on August 15 this year. The film adaptation of The Long Walk will be New Line's third collaboration with Stephen King. The other two are Salem Vampires and It 2. The latter will be released this fall.

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