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Two McClains for the price of one

Image This year marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the action movie Die Hard. To mark the anniversary of the legendary action franchise, 20th Century Fox has finally stepped up work on the sixth film about fearless police officer John McClain. Empire managed to find out the official name of the picture and interesting details of its plot.

The studio announced the sixth part of the film series in the fall of 2015, after which it went into silence for a long time. It was only in March this year that it became known that Fox bosses had commissioned the finalization of the script for the film Cary and Chad Hayes ("The Conjuring"). In an interview with Empire, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura made it clear that the brothers successfully coped with their task and have already returned the text to the studio management. It was originally planned that the tape will receive the subtitle "Year One", but now they decided to give it a different name. “We want the audience to be more emotionally involved than ever in the story of the adventures of the hero Bruce Willis, - said the producer. -The title on the title page of the script speaks best of our intentions - McClain.

Di Bonaventura also officially confirmed the information that the action of the picture will unfold in two time periods at once, but denied rumors that the main role in the plot will be played by young John McClain, and Willis will only appear in the project as a wedding general.I don’t know how you can shoot Die Hard without Bruce. Conversations that he will have little screen time are baseless. Both the 20-year-old and the 60-year-old McClains will play equally important roles in the plot, ”Lorenzo said.


Len Wiseman, who is already familiar with the other members of the Die Hard 4.0 project, is expected to take McClane's directorial chair. The start date for filming the sixth part of the franchise has not yet been announced.

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